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We are the world’s leading modernized financial tool for analysts, quants, and other data professionals.

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BigFin provides improved economics and time saved by aggregating raw data feeds into a single cloud-based platform to PE/VC firms on a subscription basis.

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Why BigFin?

raw real-time data streams

integated workflows

customizable user experience

the problems of current analytic platforms

Money & time wasted on finding data vendors and subscribing to multiple agreements

Non integrated workflows

Niche data sets are inaccessible

Too much time spent navigating tools that aren't user friendly


Investment quants, economists, financial and education institutions rely on the BigFin platform to make key financial decisions.

BigFin provides the unique combination of malleable data sets and customizable dashboards, comprised of smart widgets, to allow unparalleled autonomy. This allows our users to take their financial analyses to new levels.


  • Credit Data
  • Currencies, & Commodities
  • Equities & Stock
  • Indices
  • Markets
  • Real Estate
  • Regulation
  • World Economic Data


We provide global insights, allowing users access to even the most niche data sets. By 2025, BigFin will serve over 10,000 institutions in over 50 countries.


Like many of the top-tier financial tools in the market, BigFin keeps its users informed on the latest market updates via our news feed. However, we do it better by allowing users to communicate and collaborate within the platform.

kevin mitchell

10 Years SaaS sales, Project management and M&A analyst
MBA with emphasis in finance ’15

Chris Loehr

20 Years+ Financial services technology and cybersecurity
B.S., MIS , ’95 | MBA, Finance ‘oo

Xavier Edokpa


8 Years+ R&D, Energy technologies and infrastructure industry

B.S., Electrical & Computer Engineering ’14

Mudeer Habeeb


8 Years+ Technology consultant and mechanical field testing engineer
B.S., Mechanical Engineering ’15
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